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14 October - 21 October 2023


Hotel Fontanellas Playa

 Carrer de la Caravel·la


More information to come

Now we invite you to the last gathering of the season. You can enjoy the calm and the warm sun over the Mediterranean when the season comes to an end. A unique opportunity to "hang out" with committed cyclists. This is a social week with short and longer walks at a leisurely pace. We divide the group according to level and wishes. There is a guide with each group. 

We eat breakfast from 08.00 and cycle out at 10.00. Stops about halfway and eats a lunch. When we return to the hotel, it will be a little social at the outdoor restaurant in front of the hotel. Shared dinner at 19.00, where we also plan the next day's trip. The trips are not set up in advance as we look at weather, wind and wishes. 

On Tuesday evening we have a joint dinner at arestaurant nearby or in the center of Palma. 

Werecommend that you bring a helmet,bicycle shoes and clothes. Feel free to bring a windbreaker. Normally it is between 20 and 25 degrees in October. 

The price includes

  • Hotel

  • Breakfast and dinner

  • Sick leave

  • Guided tours

  • 1 shared dinner at a restaurant

Welcome all new and former participants to a pleasant week in Mallorca.

Detailed and an exciting program will come as we approach departure

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