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Category 3

Bikes in this category are with Ultegra and rim brake. Not all models are available in all sizes.

Rental terms:

Hose w/tire levers, pump, comes with the bike.

The bike is paid for on delivery.

If the bike is not picked up or canceled 1 week before arrival, 100% will be invoiced. 

Bicycles can be picked up from Rad-Velo at Hotel Fontanellas Playa and delivered no later than 18.00 on the last rental day.
Address: C/Caravela.  On the corner by the hotel Fontanellas Playa, formerly Velotel
Opening hours: 0900 - 1200 and 1530 - 1830. 

Tip: Measure from the center crank, along the seatpost to the top of the seat. This way you get the same height as on your own bike.  Bring pedals!


The insurance covers damage to the frame and parts of the bicycle, but not damage to the frame and wheels. Damage to the frame and wheels are invoiced according to indicative prices. The insurance does not cover damages that occur in connection with irresponsible driving or driving while under the influence of drugs. Damages that occur in connection with driving that does not comply with the traffic rules. The insurance does not cover personal injury and theft.
Without insurance, the entire damage must be covered.
Inspection of bicycle on delivery.

The renter is responsible for the bicycle during the rental period.


One day

40 EUR

Two days

60 EUR

Three days

80 EUR

Four days

100 EUR

Five days

120 EUR

Six days

150 EUR

Seven days

150 EUR

More than seven days

20 EUR per day

1 -- 4 days 

10 EUR

5 - 7 days

20 EUR

8 - 14 days

25 EUR

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